Cause and Effect, by Rachel Yehuda.

Rachel Yehuda noticed that people with post traumatic stress disorder have lower levels of cortisol. Which is contrary to what you would expect, given that cortisol is “the stress hormone”.

To work out why, she has to convince a community of Holocaust survivors to subject themselves to scientific study.

Cause and Effect.



This is Your Brain on Podcasts.

In biopsych we learn that speech production and speech recognition are highly localised. Neuropsychologist Jack Gallant has peered into the brains of volunteers while they listen to podcasts, and finds that speech comprehension is actually much more interesting than the textbook would lead you to believe.

when you’re listening to someone tell an interesting story, an enormous swath of your brain is being activated.”

This is Your Brain on Podcasts.

Maternal Instinct vs. Cruel Heartless Science by Allison Downey.

Allison Downey and her husband engage in the classic nature vs. nurture debate — with their own son. “He’s a baby! He’s not a rat for your evil science experiment!”

Will reinforcement and extinction work in the real world?

Maternal Instinct vs. Cruel Heartless Scientist. The Story Collider podcast, 20th November 2011.